Puyallup Eagles


So good to be back at the Buckley Eagles on January 17th, 2020.


The Sundance band wants you to know how much we appreciate our dancers and fans. You guys are amazing to watch every time we play here. Thank you for all the positive feedback. We can’t wait to come back! See you soon.

Ah, yeah! Just as we remember it. Fun all night long!


One of the biggest dance floors and the greatest dancers. All the smiles and love for the band. Thank you for making us always feel so welcomed. we can’t wait to do it again very soon. Thank you for believing in the Sundance Band.

What an amazing night at the Puyallup Eagles on January 25th, 2020.

Wonderful compliments on the band and music we supplied as well as the fact you stayed all night long. We have not seen a “God bless America” circle that big in a long long time at the end of the night. Thank you Puyallup Eagles for having Sundance and for supporting live music.


Good vibes at the Puyallup Eagles on February 7th, 2020.

Nothing like hearing someone from New York come up after the show and say, “Sundance is the best country band I’ve heard in a long time!” We are glad we made your night and you made ours. A special shoutout to the Puyallup Eagles for having us and all the wonderful people who make what we enjoy doing so much fun. Also, a thank you to Chuck Fernandez for sitting in with the band, singing, and bass thumpin’. As usual, it’s always fun to have you.


Birthday Parties, Special guests, and dancing fools!

Thank you, everyone, for attending the Buckley Eagles on February 21, 2020.


You folks sure do know how to make the Sundance band feel welcomed. Happy birthday to those who turned another day older and thank you Tim for sitting in with us and to Garu for the amazing harp playing on Angels Flying too close to the ground. We’d say another successful night.

Green River Eagles

Vicki’s 50th Birthday Party!~  What a blast. Thank you for having the Sundance band perform for your celebration!

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