Rearview Mirror – 2021

Slowly Getting Back into It

After things started opening back up and bands were allowed to resume playing music indoors, The Sandance band quickly contacted the venues we were scheduled to play in 2020, and filled the 2021 calendar as fast as we could.  A tragedy was about to hit our families hard and no one could have imagined or seen it coming.

We lost an amazing friend, the band founder, a bandmate, a father, and a husband. Bruce Ford has left us to pick guitar and sing with all the country stars on his heavenly journey. Bruce, we sure miss you! It’s still hard to imagine you will never grace the stage with your presence. We feel you with us always and we have vowed to keep your band rolling and moving forward, just as you would have done to keep us working! Godspeed from all of us my friend, until we meet again.