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Lady Luck Cowgirl Up 2020

How We Can Help!

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Are you looking for...

something different? Impactful? Memorable? Something that will make people that attend your event want to come back again and again or forever remember that one time show! From the moment we take the stage, you will know we come to PLAY!

The Sundance band...

 is a high-energy blend of dance music ranging from R&B, rock, country, funk, blues, and Oldies specifically designed to DRIVE you to the dance floor! If there are songs you would like and they aren't on our list, we try our best to learn them for you (There's not a lot we can't do.)

We Like To...

get the crowd entertained by engaging with the audience. Sing alongs and participation songs keep the dance floor packed and music flowing song after song for an energetic, high performance, family show. Currently shows are scheduled through Western Washington at County Fairs, Rodeos, Weddings, Corporate and Private events, Club venues and Outdoor concerts.

We are Willing to...

travel and accommodate special requests if needed. We have a full sound system and lighting that is included in our pricing.

If you're looking for an engaging, fun, professional band to kick up some dust while remaining easy to work with, we're the band you seek.

Do you Have a...

favorite song or two you would like us to learn for you? Feel free to submit your request using our song request link. Just simply copy a youtube link and it will direct us to the exact version you want us to learn.

Upcoming Events

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What's next for the Sundance Band?

Buckley Eagles - November 19th 6:45PM to 10:45 PM

Little Red Hen - December 4th 9:00 PM to 1:30 AM

Buckley Eagles - December 17th 6:45 PM to 10:45 PM

Old General Store - January 8th 8:00 PM to 11:59 PM

Buckley Eagles- February 18th 6:45 PM to 10:45 PM

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2019 Favorite Fan Award

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Favorite Fan Award 2019

Janice Kinsley win the Sundance band Favorite Fan of the Year Award for 2019.

Thank you Jan for traveling near and far to come hang with us. We love your dedication and we love you!

The Sundance Band